Monday, January 7, 2013

PowerCLI extremely slow startup

I found that when I open PowerShell ISE and try to run my PowerCLI scripts, there is a HUGE delay in getting the snapin loaded. I don't mean a long delay like a user would say "there's a long delay" I mean like an IT Professional says there is a log delay.

Now this is on a Server running 2008 R2, FYI. PowerShell v2.

So I looked around, searched through new and old posts and found this and it worked.

Disable "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" in Internet Explorer. This might speed up PowerCLI setup and startup if the machine does not have Internet access.

If you have a network that is disconnected from the internet, This will speed up the load time to a normally unacceptable delay.

P.S. VMware, Pick up the speed huh? Microsoft, Make a way to keep snapins loaded.

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