Friday, April 20, 2012

NetApp Commands Quick Reference

So I'm going to compile some commands for the NetApp ONTAP 8 controllers. These will be commonly used commands that can help you get online fast, do common tasks, or get some useful information.

disk show
  1. this has some options that are handy
    1. -a show only the assigned disks
    2. -v show all the disks (yea doesn't make sense, a != all)
    3. you can use wild cards to get only the disks you want like 4d.10.*
    4. ex. disk show -v 4d.10*
disk assign
  1. This assigns disks to the controller. The good and bad part is that you basically just use -n <number> and it assigns a number of disks to the controller, you don't choose it chooses for you. I'm old school, I like control. But you have to learn to let go.
  2. Now the options for this are not to bad but there are some to be careful of.
    1. assign -n <number> -- This will assign a number of disks to the controller.
    2. assign <diskID> -s unowned -- This will UNASSIGN the disk from the controller.
      1. Checking for wild card capabilities for this.

more to come. - Updating over the next few weeks.

NetApp Gotchas

OK, so I think I screwed up this morning. Turns out that when you want to reassign drives on a NetApp FAS3270 running ONTAP 8.0.2. You do NOT use the "drive remove" command. you use
drive assign 4d.10* -s unowned
Using drive remove puts the drive in a failed status. I can't figure out how to get it OUT of failed status. There is no unfail in ONTAP 8.

Looking for answers, posting here when I find them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Simply put:

Items further down the tree (closer to the computers and users) will get over written by items at the domain level. (top of tree)
OULevel-GPO wins out over subOULevel-GPO.
Ex. If subOULevel-GPO set the password length to 6 characters and OULevel-GPO sets it to 8 characters, the result will be 8 Characters.

Unless!! You set ENFORCE on subOULevel-GPO. (in 2003 it is no-override, same diff). However, this only applies to items that are SPECIFICALLY SET at the subOULevel-GPO level. So if you set 6 characters at teh subOULevel-GPO and you set 8 Characters and 45 day limit on passwords a the OULevel-GPO level, then you get....wait for it....6 characters and a 45 day limit. TA DA!!!

I'm sure there are more combinations and permutations of this, so ask a question and I'll make a milkshake while you figure it out. :-) Nah, Nah, Nah, I'll figure it out for you.

XenDesktop Services needed for VDA

OK, so I'm creating a desktop and the thing gets stuck at Pending. If you look in vCenter, it has reconfigured the deployed machines three 3 times. But now it is sitting at Pending.

One of the things to look for is services required for Virtual Desktop Agent to run.
- HTTP SSL   - Startup Mode should be at least Manual.
- RPC Locator Service   - Startup Automatic(?) Manual should work.

If these are disabled, it may cause this problem.

Look in your group policy, it may be blocked by group policy. If it is, it will be in:
Computer Configuration
Windows Settings
Security Settings
System Services

GPO Setting can be fun, check my other post for GPO enforce, block-inheritance, and no-override.