Friday, August 17, 2012

How to get the Firmware Version of your hardware

If you are looking to see if the Firmware on your ESXi 5.0 host is upto date, you need to find out what it is right now, so try these commands for the basic items.

  1. In ESXi 5.0, run this command:

    # esxcli network nic list
  2. or this still works
# esxcfg-nics -l
  1. You will get something like this:
Name    PCI         Driver Link Speed    Duplex MAC Address
vmnic0  00:02:04.00 ACME   Up   1000Mbps Full   01:23:45:67:89:AB
vmnic1  00:02:05.00 ACME   Up   1000Mbps Full   01:23:45:67:78:AC

Now use the ethtool command to get the info:

# ethtool -i vmnic0

driver: ACME
version: 1.2.3a-1vmw
firmware-version: 7.8.9
bus-info: 0000:02:04.00

For HBAs: Check this link out Get Firmware Version

  • To obtain the driver version of a Host Bus Adapter on an ESX/ESXi host:
    1. Obtain the driver type that the Host Bus Adapter is currently using:

      # esxcfg-scsidevs -a

      This will produce an output similar to:

      vmhba0  ata_piix          link-n/a  ide.vmhba0                              (0:7.1) Intel Corporation Virtual Machine Chipset
      vmhba1  mptspi            link-n/a  pscsi.vmhba1                            (0:16.0) LSI Logic / Symbios Logic LSI Logic Parallel SCSI Controller
      vmhba32 ata_piix          link-n/a  ide.vmhba32                             (0:7.1) Intel Corporation Virtual Machine Chipset

      Note: The second column shows the driver that is configured for the HBA.
    2. Use the following command to see what driver version is being used:

      # vmkload_mod -s HBADriver |grep Version
      Taking the the mptspi driver as an example:

      # vmkload_mod -s mptspi |grep Version
      Version: Version, Build: 721907, Interface: 9.0, Built on: May 18 2012

      From the above output you can see the driver version is
    3. To check to see what driver is recommended for that card we need to get the VID (Vendor Id), DID (Device Id), SVID (Sub-Vendor Id) and SDID (Sub-Device Id)

      # vmkchdev -l |grep vmhba1
      000:16.0 1000:0030 15ad:1976 vmkernel vmhba1

      In the above cases the VID=1000, DID=0030, SVID=15ad, SDID=1976
    4. You can now search the VMware Compatibility Guide for VID (Vendor Id), DID (Device Id), SVID (Sub-Vendor Id) and SDID (Sub-Device Id) or in some cases you may need to do a text search here to narrow down the particular card. You can check the version of the ESX/ESXi with following command

    5. # vmware -v

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