Tuesday, July 30, 2013

vCheck Powershell script - LOVE IT!!!

So I came across vCheck by Alan Renouf recently. It is a great utility. He has made it extensible by making plugins available. You can create custom monitoring scripts for any part of vSphere, or infact any other system that you can use Powershell with.

I'm working on adding performance graphs to the utility. I'd like to have both vCenter and NetApp graphs. vCenter Operations manager is nice, but it is a bit clumsy and slow. You can't set defaults, so you have to click through window after window to get where you want.

vCheck has a -config option where you can set the default values for each plugin and the global variables. You can set it up in a scheduled task and have it run at night and e-mail you a daily report.

I've been thinking about a plugin that will know the difference between a daily report and a weekly report and select different plugins for each.

Go check it out. The more we get involved in it, the more we can find other useful plugins for our unique equipment.

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