Friday, July 24, 2015

Linux Virtualization

OK, so they tell me I need to make a bunch of Linux desktops availbel to some people that want to get access to some Linux desktops and then actually use them. SOOOoooo.

I venture into Linux VDI. is my final resting place for this. The add-on packages run on a RedHat Enterprise virtualization host, and it looks like Fedora or CentOS will work as well. So I'm going to try all of these and see what works the best.

First I'll get RHEV-M running on a machine and go from there. Spice looks like it needs it's own server, I'll make that a VM on this host.

Hardware. I've got an old HP DL380-G6 hanging around with 72GB RAM, should do nicely. Need to find some HDs. I'll start with just some 300GB SAS Drives, but we will eventually try swapping that out with a 3 drive array of SSD drives to see what that does for our performance.

More to come, stay tuned. Comment if you're watching, so I know to update more often.

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